I'm a 3D motion graphics artist that has been in the industry for over 5 years.
My tools of choice are Cinema 4D, Octane renders, Substance Painter, and Unreal Engine.
Of course I also heavily use Photoshop, Premiere Pro, and After Effects.
Available for Freelance 
Currently, I'm accepting freelance work relating to 3D and 2D work. Such as Modeling, texturing, lighting, and 2D effects such as  2D motion graphics
I'm also open to discussion of full-time work relating to 3D Rendering, Texturing or Modeling.
John Burdock
3D Motion Graphics Artist
Cell: 267-485-1408
Email: epicredj@gmail.com

I have over 5 years experience with Cinema 4D, After Effects, and Premiere Pro, as well as 
being knowledgeable in a compositing workflow from Cinema 4D to After Effects.
I've been creating Textures, animations, and realistic renders for over 4 years. I have Substance painter experience for over 1 year.
I have 
created short films, and many digital animations.
I’m a very relaxed and easy to work with individual. I’m very patient and work hard.
You can rest assured that your project will be 
completed with as little stress as possible.
Cinevercity Instructor
I was hired by Maxon to create a Cinevercity course, showing my newly created method of creating normal maps in Cinema 4D, and then making them compatible with Unreal Engine. 
This is a workflow that I developed myself, to take my assets I created in Cinema 4D, and make them fully compatible with Unreal Engine.
You can view the introduction to the course, at this link here.
October 2016 - February 2017 United States
3D Landscape Flyover Animation For New Museum In Switzerland
Animator, Lighting, Texturing
I was hired to create 3 20-40 second scenes, depicting the pilgrimage a group of monks took across Europe during medieval times. This video was used for the opening of a new Museum in Switzerland. To this day it is on display to the public.
I was hired with a tight deadline, 6 days from being hired, to create this geographic animation over the continent of Europe and the Swiss Alps. I was hired to create the landscape with Dem Earth, inside of Cinema 4D, Animate the Camera, and animate the moving path depicting the pilgrim's voyage.
I was particularly hired for my Animation Skills.
September 2016 - September 2016 Switzerland
SoundH Productions, LLC
2D Animator, designer, Engineer
I was contacted by SoundH Beats to create a sound reactive animation for 6 different videos.
I made all of this in aftereffects, where I had effects react to the music that was created by SoundH Beats.
September 2016 - September 2016 United States
The Beat Therapist
3D animator, Artist, Engineer, Texturing
I was contracted by The Beat Therapist, to make visual 3D effects react to the music he created.
I used X-particles to create a smoky like animation.
It looks similar to this, just without color, and using his logo.
September 2016 - September 2016 United States
Otoy, Octane
I have made a tutorial for Otoy, Octane, and made revisions to my work to complete the
desired video that they required.
A tutorial of mine was hosted on Valkaari’s website. The maker of HOT4D.
Arena Net
I was one of the winners of a contest hosted by Guild Wars 2, and my winning video was
shown to over 13,500 people during Twitch-Con.
Slack Team Animation
I was part of a 10 person Slack team, where we created a High Five handoff animation video.
I collaborated with other artists and worked with my models, as well as theirs.

GsG Animation Fundamentals
Cinema 4D Animation Fundamentals 6 week Course
This was a 6-week class, where our teacher David B. and Nick C. Thought us animation
principles. Such as decay on Fcurves, overshoot and follow through, and use of a parabola to
make a proper rate of decay.
High School Diploma
Self Taught
I have taken many Cinema 4D Online courses from Lynda.com, greyscalegorilla.com, and
other tutorials on YouTube and Vimeo.
I have also taken tutorials on After Effects, Premiere Pro, and Trapcode Form and Particular
from Lynda.com. I have numerous certificates of completion from Lynda.com that prove and
show my knowledge in Cinema 4D, After Effects, Tracking, texturing, and plug-ins such as
Tarpcode Particular and Forum
English (Native)
3d, After Effects, Animation, Cinema 4D, Lighting, Modeling, Photoshop, Rigging, Texturing, UE4 (Unreal Engine)

A tutorial of mine is hosted on Otoy, Octanes, website.
Another tutorial of mine is hosted on Valkaari’s website. The maker of HOT4D.
I was one of the winners of a contest hosted by Guild Wars 2, and my winning video was
shown to over 13,500 people during TwitchCon.
I have also opened my own Store on shapeways.com, where I'm currently selling 3 of my
created models for 3D printing.
I have also printed out 2 of these models to make sure they are functional
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