I get stuck thinking "I don't want to buy the wrong one, that will waste money" and I get so stuck on which one to buy, it can become very stress full. The key, I've found, is to bring the situation down to the reality that it is. "what happens if I do buy the wrong monitor? Whats the worse case scenario? Well, if I buy the wrong monitor, I will have wasted money, and gotten a monitor that I'm not as happy with them if I would have gotten another monitor." The key is to ask, can I handle that. Can I live with a monitor that was not as good as another one that was cheaper? Most of the time, the answer is, yes, I can handle that. Yes, it would be frustrating, and undesirable, but still, something that is withstand-able. This way, we bring the situation back down to reality and take the stress and frustration down to a much more realistic level, where the worst case scenario, of picking the wrong monitor, is something that we can handle, and manage. Another really good point to look at is that we could also return the monitor, if we bought it from Amazon, and simply replace it. This means, worst case scenario, we just go through a time of shipping boxes back to Amazon. All of this is much less stress full than the original fear of picking the wrong monitor that we originally had conjured up in our head.

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