This is not renders I'm showing for clients, that's why it's in the blog section and not the Projects section xD. These are renders that I made when I was just starting out in 3D, and, to be honest, this isn't even close to the worst renders I've done. This is the best picks of the lot I had when I started out.
Why am I sharing this?
I'm sharing these renders because I want others who are starting out to not be discouraged, I want them to know that everyone and I mean everyone, starts at the beginning. This means, in 3D, that everyone starts out making things that look less than epic :P!
Right now, I feel must better about my work, its taken 6 years, but I feel I've made tremendous progress.
So remember, don't look at your work now and feel discouraged. Look at your work and see it for what I can be, and will be. Everyone starts at the beginning, and I truly believe, everyone can make it past it, and move onto the chapter of Epic in their 3D career :).
Don't get me wrong either, I'm nowhere near a master at this 3D thing yet, I still have so much to learn and grow.  
This said, at this point in my 3D life, learning new things have become much easier and quicker. 
I like to think of my growing 3D life as a train, a train that starts out stopped. The train begins to move, and its slow, and its hard work going every inch. As the train picks up the pace though, it starts to move faster and covering distance because easier and easier, still learning and growing seems to just fly with you naturally. Learning becomes part of the fun and joy of creating in 3D. It's like a new tool to work with.
I've always liked learning, but I've also been frustrated and tired of having to learn new things because all I really wanted to do was make that thing that I wanted to make. If you can learn to take your time, and look at time spent learning new things as new tools that can help you make better content in 3D and bring you closer to making that vision become a reality. This can greatly improve the experience of learning. 
Like I also mentioned in the train analogy, the fun of learning will grow with you as you move the train of your 3D life. 
So don't feel intimidated by all that you don't know, and don't feel discouraged by the phrase, "You will never stop learning". This is empowering because you will always be getting new tools to help you create better work, and bring your visions to the next level. Learning will also not always be this hard. I know its hard, and frustrating in the beginning, but it gets easier, and more fun. When that train picks up the pace, you start moving quicker :). Look in your life right now, look at things in the past that were hard to learn? How much easier has it become to learn to aspects of that now in your life :)?

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