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There is a lot of different ways to 3D scan, buying scanners are one of the ways, but I actually recommend not getting one. 
Scanners are great for getting the exact size and shape of a model. So they are great for architectural work and CAD projects. 
This said, for 3D art, they lack good textures. 
Now the best way to 3D scan for art, in my opinion, is to simply scan an Object with a camera. Any camera will work, even the one on your phone. 
Now, your probably wondering, how do I scan something with a camera? 
All you have to do is take pictures of it, a lot of them. Normally you want to aim for about 200 photos of the subject. You need at least 3 for it to work. 
Also, take pictures from every angle. 
I recommend walking around your object clockwise, at one level. once you have done this, move up maybe a foot, then shoot again, walking around your object clockwise. Take a photo every foot or 6 inches. Remember, your aiming for 200 photo's, so do this over and over, till you have about that many. Remember too, that your trying to get every angle possible, so make sure to get the top of it and the bottom as well, if possible. 
Its ok if you don't get that much, my rock shot was about 120 photos. 
Now, you have the photo's, what do you do with them? You need to load them up into a program that can take the information in the pictures and turn them into a 3D point cloud. 
The program I recommend for this, Agisoft Photo Scan. http://www.agisoft.com/
There is other software out there that does this, but Agisoft Photoscan is by far the best, and most used. Almost every professional 3D scan you see out there, at one point in its life, has gone through Agisoft. Once you run all the photo's through it in its first pass, you will get a point cloud, then you run it through another pass, this will generate a dense point cloud, then you do it again, this time, you get a mesh! 
Finally, we get to the best part, the part that makes 3D scanning with a camera the best, and the superior way, for art. You bake the texture. 
All those high-quality photo's get baked onto the mesh, giving you super realistic textures.

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